Unleash your data with EXASOL on Amazon Web Services – challenge us!

Put EXASOL to the test on AWS and win a free one-year subscription license.

It’s time to say goodbye to slow queries and say hello to EXASOL.

Are you using another database such as Oracle, MemSQL, MySQL or Redshift and tired of poor performance rates when it comes to running analytic workloads? 

Or maybe your current database just cannot cope with complex queries and leaves you frustrated? 

Well, here’s your chance to test EXASOL on AWS alongside your current setup and receive a free one-year subscription license of EXASOL.  We are so confident that you will be amazed by EXASOL’s superior performance on AWS that we are offering a free one-year license to those who can prove that EXASOL is not at least 3x faster.

How to enter the challenge.

  • Here’s what to do.

    Here’s what to do.

    Go to the AWS Marketplace and deploy an instance of the EXASOL analytic database.  Upload your data into the database and then using the same analytic workload and running the same analytic queries on your data as you do on your current database, tell us what performance differences you see when you use EXASOL versus your existing setup.  Simply send us an overview of the performance tests you ran and the performance results.

    If you find that EXASOL is not at least three times faster than your current database, we’ll ensure you receive a free one-year subscription license of the EXASOL database – to be deployed on AWS via a bring-your-own-license.

  • Getting started.

    Getting started.

    1.       Find EXASOL on the AWS Marketplace: https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B01FXIPXV4/
    2.       Follow the instructions on how to get started with EXASOL on AWS – found here
    3.       Upload your data
    4.       Run the same analytic queries on EXASOL as well as on your current database
    5.       Send us your results
  • What to send us

    When you are ready to share your results with us, simply fill in the following form.

    Please send corresponding PDF attachements to AWSChallenge@exasol.com

Terms and conditions

  • Customers and current prospects of EXASOL are not eligible to take part in this promotion
  • The sizing of the EXASOL database should be comparable to your current database system and adequate for the data set used for this comparison. A good rule of thumb is that the overall RAM size of the EXASOL cluster should correspond to approximately 15 % of your raw data. For questions on sizing please contact AWSChallenge@exasol.com
  • Once information has been submitted to EXASOL, we will review your results.  Participants who tested EXASOL and found that it was not at least three times faster than their current database will receive a free one-year subscription license to use EXASOL on Amazon Web Services; the license will be issued for the amount of data given by the participant in the above form (up to a maximum of 5TB of raw data) for a period of 12 months; subsequent licenses must then be paid for
  • The license covers the EXASOL database only and not AWS infrastructure costs
  • Eligible participants will also receive two free places on an EXASOL public training course
  • EXASOL reserves the right to contact participants to offer assistance with their EXASOL on AWS benchmark as well as seek permission to use their benchmark results in promotional activities
  • EXASOL reserves the right to disqualify any participant who is deemed to not abide by a fair-play code of conduct
  • All entries must be received by EXASOL by 30 June 2017 (midnight CET)